2007 Political Hotspots: Mathioya Constituency

Apparently, J.J. Kamotho's constituents are of the opinion that he has been adopted by Raila Odinga and should seek an elective post somewhere in Luo Nyanza. But that has not daunted the fervent ODM-K supporter, who has intensified his campaigns in the area since the registration of ODM-K as a political party.

They are basically in agreement that he has delivered to his people, and his CDF is flawlessly managed, but he has committed the ultimate blunder by being against President Mwai Kibaki in an area where his following is almost fanatical. Now that it is by and large believed that the Mathioya seat is vacant, a horde of contestants are gunning for it.

The strong contenders as of the moment include former police officer Esau Kioni, lawyer C.N. Kihara (currently representing Kamangu in his case against Bishop Margaret Wanjiru) and insurance broker Kimani Kihara (no relation to the former).

Kioni, a former special branch official and senior manager with Securicor(K), seems to lead the pack. He started his campaigns as early as 2003, initiating development projects in the area, though his biggest claim to fame is that he has helped a big number of youth from the area get employed in the security forces by virtue of his earlier connections there.

He is also almost sure to clinch the nominations on a Narc-k ticket, owing to his close relationship with the powers that be. (He was security consultant for DP, and later in an unofficial capacity at State House in Kibaki's presidency). Kioni, however, hails from Othaya, though he bought land and settled in Mathioya in 1974, and insists that his origins are there. But some constituents are heard to say that it would be unfair to have the presidency from Othaya and to import their MP from the same place.

As for C.N. Kihara, he appears to have been bitten by the perennial loser's bug, having lost every elections since he started contesting in 1997 miserably.

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