2007 Political Hotspots: Starehe Constituency

As the evangelical churches become more assertive in politics and keen to influence the outcome of elections, Starehe will be the constituency to watch in the countdown to the general elections. So heavy is the religious question in the constituency that contestants for the seat are either affiliated to the leading churches in the area or are themselves pastors.

Even before Bishop Margaret Wanjiru publicly announced that she was going for the seat, two other candidates with a religious agenda had already declared their interest in the seat. The most explicit in the religious agenda in politics is lawyer Mwaura Waihiga. Among the three evangelical candidates, Waihiga is the only one whose party of choice is clear. As the chairman of Agano Party, the party founded on Christian fundamentalism, he will definitely be trying to coalesce the voters along party ideology.

It will also be interesting to watch what roles the influential Bishop Arthur Kitonga will play in the year. The bishop of the giant Redeemed Gospel church has close relations with most of the candidates eyeing the seat.

Towards the close of the year, it began to emerge that the bishop was leaning towards supporting government. At one point when Kibaki visited his church, he declared that those who were opposed to Kibaki's government would not see the kingdom of God.

Apparently, his link to state house has been embattled area MP Maina Kamanda who city hawkers vowed to throw out in the coming elections. Kamanda will be counting on the support of the bishop to retain his seat.

The other aspirant for the seat, David Waithaka, is the bishop's son-in-law. The World Bank human resource manager for Africa and the Caribbean will be running on a Christian agenda and although he is charismatic with a huge network among youth groups affiliated to the Redeemed Gospel Church, he will be counting on Kitonga's support for the seat. Waithaka is married to Victoria Kitonga, the only daughter of the bishop.

Rev. Wanjiru refers to herself as Kitonga's spiritual daughter and has been keen to make it known to anyone who cares to listen. It will also be interesting to see whether Wanjiru will go against bishop Kitonga's preferred party, Narc-Kenya, and run on an ODM ticket which she has intimately been associating with.

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Gerald Baraza said...

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charles said...

wacha ikae.maisha iko moto tu sana.