2007 Political Hotspots: Subukia Constituency

Koigi Wa Wamwere, the self-proclaimed liberator, will have to work hard to liberate his seat from those who are out to grab it. Among them are former Nation Media Group Chief Executive, Wilfred Kiboro, Kanu activist Kimani Ngunjiri, who has switched allegiance to Narc-K, Prof. Ngugi Njoroge of Royal Media Services, and lawyer Waiganjo.

So disenchanted is Koigi that he now plans to defend his seat on the little known Chama Cha Wananchi, which has been interpreted as fear that he will not get nomination on a Narc-K ticket. Koigi has been oscillating between two extremes in his term in parliament; as an independent thinker, and as a sycophant for the Kibaki government.

Despite being rewarded as a cosmopolitan constituency, the majority in Subukia support the Narc administration, which might make the campaigns a little hairy for Koigi. But he has quite a number of issues going for him, among them his proximity to the common man and his determined advocacy for the peasant farmers, who form most of his constituents.

Kiboro and Prof. Njoroge may have going for them a friendly media, having both been in it for years, while Ngunjiri has the advantage of being the one who is always quick to point out to the public Koigi's mistakes, both real and imagined. This will be a closely contested spot.

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6 Responses to 2007 Political Hotspots: Subukia Constituency

Anonymous said...

I have no idea that Kiboro and Prof Ngugi Njoroge are from Subukia. I have known Ngunjiri and his family for long but he stands no chance. well, Subukia is up for grabs now. Koigi is of no relevance. 2012, we will have to include a long list of University graduates who have shown interest but are not endowed with financial assets. It is understood that they have been raising money to support one of their own in an MOU they have; Wachira - University don

SM KABOCHI said...

parliamentary aspirant- subukia
occupation: insurance broker
age:37 years
party ticket - safina
e-mail: skabochi@yahoo.com
kindly update your data,

thanks for the good work!

njoroge said...

gaichuhie should not relax rather he should do something for the people of subukia starting right away.


Hello Kenya,
It's time for a new dawn. We must move forward with the passing of the new constitution. Yes I agree it has numerous faults depending on one's interpretation, but again it has a totally new dimension and shift from the old-die-hard norms of yester years. I know not very many of the old guards are comfortable with some of the contents of the document because it sets completely strange and incomprenssible stuff for a vast majority of them, but then, we cannot dwell on one spot for ever; we must not allow the fear of the unknown to gring our train to 2nd liberation to halt. Our generation and ones to come are yearning for A NEW POLITICA, SOCIO-ECONOMIC DISPENSATION. Let us stand up to be counted, Let us SAY YES TO KATIBA MPYA!!!!!

Parliamentary Aspirant
Subukia/Nakuru North constituency

SIMON said...

It's Not Too Late! When I look at the road network in our constituency, Subukia, I feel the urgency to take up my place in the constituency leadership. This is one constituency which has played host to very vocal leaders; but alas, what were their priorities? Subukia constituency is fast growing into semi-urban dwellings with farms being demarcated into small residential plots. These means security and other social-economic activities change. It therefore calls for drastic realignment of the set priorities inorder to cope with these demand. It is on this basis that I call upon Mhesh. Nelson Gaichuhie to act and set a pace towards this glaring challenge.

Cell: +254 721 740 773
E-mail: simonkabochi@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

stephen ngugi
its exciting. Subukia is one of the most potential areas in kenya. But the previous have taken this place for granted. Watu wa subukia tushikane tujenge subukia yetu. MIMI NINA SIMAMA MBUNGE WENU 2012.

0721 432 094