Jimmy Kibaki to run for Kieni seat

President Mwai Kibaki's strategists may have nailed the coffin on the relationship between him and his former lead campaigner, Dr Chris Murungaru, by blessing his eldest son Jimmy Kibaki, to be the new face in Kieni.

Interestingly, Kieni is among the constituencies being proposed for review under the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) boundary review process.

Though official denials on the move persist, information reaching us indicates that Kibaki's loyal financiers and spin doctors have concluded that Jimmy should go for the seat whether the split is done or not.

A chief player in the Kibaki reelection financing team confirmed that the matter had been sealed recently but remained economical with details.

"All I can tell you for now is that Jimmy Kibaki will be vying in Kieni constituency, whether it will be divided or not," our source affirmed.

When pressured to comment on the relationship between Kibaki and Murungaru, he said, "Murungaru is currently campaigning for Kibaki, but that is for presidency, Jimmy has a constitutional right to vie for the seat and that's all I can say for now."

Our sources, said that Jimmy is still reluctant on making a political move and that he was pushed to take the decision as the distance between his father and the incumbent Kieni legislator increased.

According to our source, the relationship between Kibaki and Murungaru began to wane shortly after a state visit to Washington upon coming in power in 2003.

Observers say that Murungaru, a less refined politician and businessman may have made blunders in his dealings which worked well for the more seasoned advisors with whom he was jostling for the attention of the president. It gave them the blessings they needed to kick him out.

And as it turns out the denial of a visa to Murungaru in both the United Kingdom and United States of America may have less to do with the never ending Anglo leasing saga.

On Jimmy's bid for the Kieni seat, a long time Nyeri journalist said that he had come across information and that there was increased presence of the first family in Kieni constituency.

He however warned on Jimmy's possible run for the Kieni constituency seat: "It will not be an automatic win for Jimmy, the sacking of Murungaru from cabinet was a blessing in disguise, he now spends a lot of time mobilizing his constituents to development and has little national responsibility, and it will not be an easy battle."

"But such reports were rife in the Murungaru camp and is a big possibility, it initially started as a rumour and developed to be a reality, I have since transferred to Nairobi, but I am sure that it will be a battle of the titans."

Our source on Jimmy's endorsement however said: "For a long time we let the issue be a market place debate, but now we have told him to go for the prize. Jimmy hates politics and he does not want to get involved, however this was less of a choice and more of an instruction."

 This may be the beginning of a changing political landscape with Kibaki's family. They remained in the background for forty years but now it seems their time to battle it out for political office has come, probably to take them beyond Kibaki's days in State House.

No wonder at one time last year, First Lady, Lucy Kibaki, caused a stir in Nyeri when she announced she would gun for a political seat but did not specify the seat that she would be going for.

Indeed as the political clock ticks towards 2007 general elections, Nyeri district is in a scramble.

Kieni constituency has become a political hotbed of sorts with big guns said to be getting ready to unseat the incumbent MP, Dr Chris Murungaru.

Since Lucy announced her intention to vie for an unspecified political seat, Nyeri politicians are feeling uneasy with the announcement.

They are uneasy because when the first lady made the announcement she said some people in the area had not been serving the people well.

In the likely event that the constitution is not changed and president Kibaki chooses to defend his Othaya seat, it will be interesting to watch the occupants of state house dash out on different campaign trails in the region.

 However, other contenders have been eyeing seats of MPs they perceive as having fallen out with state house.

For some time, Nyeri DP activists are said ti have been shopping for Dr. Murungaru's replacement.

 The situation might change perhaps if the constituency is split, leaving Dr Murungaru to vie for the proposed Kieni West constituency seat.

Others interested in the seat include, Margaret Gathoni Warutere, s former national director of women's affairs at Kanu headquarters and LDP/ODM-K leader Mumbi Ng'aru who hails from Kieni constituency.

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