Kikuyu hidden agenda!

In what now appears to be a major battle unfolding ahead of this year's election, President Kibaki's open declaration that he will defend his seat has thrown a spanner in the works as it is now all systems go in the race for the top seat.

It now seems apparent that what started as a mere campaign by politicians from Central Kenya has culminated into reality after a confident speaking President Kibaki declared that he is as fit as a fiddle to face his bitter opponents in ODM-K later this year.

However, the president's announcement has surprised both friend and foe as he failed to declare which party ticket he intends to vie on. Surprisingly, Narc-Kenya the party that has assumed to be the automatic vehicle that Kibaki will use for his re-election bid is already facing a bitter power struggle.

Party sources say the unending behind-the-scene wars in Narc-Kenya which finally exploded last week is as a result of tribalism that is being practiced in the party. Two camps have now emerged with one comprising of Kibaki's supporters from Central province while the other represents those outside the Mount Kenya region.

The war that is being fought in Narc-Kenya is basically on who will be Kibaki's running mate in 2007. Incidentally for the first time in the history of Kenya, the running mate to any presidential candidate is going to be a critical decisive factor in deciding the outcome of the elections.

Sources, who have been closely monitoring political events as they unfold divulged that key Kibaki supporters who are also said to have pledged to finance his campaigns are working on a scheme that will ensure the presidency remains in the house of Mumbi up to 2032.

The scheme here is to ensure Kibaki wins a second term by hook and crook. It is being assumed that with Kibaki safely behind the wheels up to 2012, the plot is then to groom former vice president Prof. George Saitoti to take over for two terms ending in 2022. Kanu national chairman Uhuru Kenyatta is then expected to succeed Saitoti for yet another two terms ending in 2032.

Last week's scathing attacks on Saitoti by Narc-K interim chairman Dr. Mukhisa Kituyi was a well calculated move aimed at pre-empting the hidden Mt. Kenya agenda. Narc-Kenya insiders say the entry of Saitoti into Narc-Kenya mainstream has sent cold shivers down the spine of those eyeing the chairmanship's slot.

Before Saitoti was cleared by the High Court over his alleged involvement in the Goldenberg scam, he had hinted to his political associates that he was interested in forming a new party to contest the presidency in 2007. The move threatened Kibaki's chances of re-election and emissaries were sent to Saitoti to drop his presidential bid for 2007 and urged to support Kibaki and be his running mate. It was by coincidence that the same month Saitoti was given a clean bill of health by the High Court over the Goldenberg saga.

Although many say it is impossible to have a president and his deputy from the same community as both Kibaki and Saitoti are of the Kikuyu tribe but the latter poses as a Maasai and has discarded his Kikuyu names, Kinuthia Muthengi.

Those who have been dismissing Saitoti must be prepared for a shocker as he is fabulously wealthy and has his share of friends in high places with the ability to pull strings in his favour.

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