Moi, Mudavadi in secret talks

It is now official, former president Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi and a one time vice president Wycliffe Musalia Mudavadi are in talks over who should be next president.

The man who has brokered the talks between Moi and Mudavadi is said to be Gideon Moi, the retired president's favourite son. The first was held in December last year and other meetings have been held.

Apart from Gideon, other prominent members of the former ruling class said to be behind the talks include Dr. Sally Kosgey, the powerful woman in Moi's government who served as head of civil service and secretary to the cabinet. Kosgey is set to run for Aldai seat and is an official of Kanu Uhuru Kenyatta faction.

Joshua Kulei, the man who served fort a long time as Moi's private secretary and business associate is also involved in the talks. Prior to 2002 elections, Kulei is said to have lobbied for Mudavadi to be Kanu presidential candidate but Moi had to go with the word of Gideon thus settled on Uhuru Kenyatta.

Also behind the talks are Lazarus Sumbeiyo, retired Army Commandant who is associated with Sudan peace talks, African Inland Church head Silas Yego and former state house Comptroller Abraham Kiptanui.

It is emerging, the former ruling class wants Moi to cut political links with president Kibaki and strike a political deal with ODM-K to settle on Mudavadi as the party preferred presidential candidate.

They argue, the current ruling elite mishandled them, threatened to freeze bank accounts and cease their properties with a number of them landing in courts once they came to power. To them, Kibaki and his men have only come to acknowledge Moi's political importance a few months to the election.

Kibaki they all agree is one person who has perfected the art of use and sideline once a goal is achieved. "How do we trust he will not sideline the Kalenjin, as he did Raila and his men once in the office for a second term?," asked one of those involved in the talks between Moi and Mudavadi.

According to our source, Moi has been convinced beyond doubt that if ODM-K sticks together and a compromise candidate takes on Kibaki in the presidential race then Kibaki and his arrogant advisors will be licking wounds by August.

The man to them is Mudavadi as a compromise candidate. According to our source, apart from Mudavadi, another prominent Luhya personality who Moi talks to is KADDU chairman and presidential candidate Cyrus Jirongo.

It is imperative to note, Jirongo who of late commands support in Luhya land thanks to his Luhya Unity initiative has openly stated he will back Mudavadi if nominated ODM-K presidential candidate.

Currently, a half of Luhya MPs are said to be behind Jirongo and are known to host him in constituencies across Western province during church functions, harambees and funerals.

Back to Moi-Mudavadi talks, informed sources reveal, Kibaki may be in a major surprise if the new political game Moi is playing comes to mature.

One option Moi is said to be working on is to bring on the political chessboard the so called third force which will involve bringing on board some elements leaning toward Narc-Kenya and ODM-Kenya. Here the camp will be seen as neutral and compromising one.

Political analysts say, the timing and execution of such a move is bound to cause ripples and change terrains in the country.

As for now, the Luhya vote if combined with the Kalenjin vote is crucial and that is what is being worked on. Our sources told us, William Ruto and Jirongo have been working on how to perfect the political chessboard.

We could not establish whether Raila, a man said to have a soft spot on Mudavadi than Musyoka is aware of Moi-Mudavadi talks.

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