Will they survive GEMA plot? Continued

Githongo was born in Britain and also went to school there in his early days which some people use to explain his well-known un-African habits including his readiness to be used as their spy against his mother country. But even as Githongo assures his masters abroad that he will be able to bag the Gatundu North seat, on the ground things do not seem as rosy since the former Ethics PS is seen as a traitor who is out to torpedo "their government" headed by his tribesman. Many view Githongo as thankless for spying on Kibaki who gave him a top job in his government out of good faith.

Those who say that the Americans and the British are behind Githongo's anticipated entry into the political waters of Kenya cite the fact that he has never in his life been employed for long at any one station as to mint enough cash for campaigns and so would in ordinary circumstances be unable to fund even a civic seat campaign.

Another ODM aspirant Musalia Mudavadi who is 45 and would be 70 years at the end of the Kikuyu power sojourn and that is assuming the mafia would not have groomed some one to take over after Uhuru.

All said and done though, it is not like the mafia will have their way smoothly as they plan. For one should the opposition put its votes in one basket, The Mt Kenya dream would remain an illusion. And should they also borrow a leaf from the Mafia and plot ahead with a view to holding power up to the foreseeable future, there is not a reason why they should not.

With the three main men, Raila, Kalonzo, Mudavadi and Ruto agreeing to share out power on a strategy in similar fashion to the Mafia, and probably starting with the oldest going first and the youngest queuing for later, the mafia would also wait for long before getting power again.

But then this would be more like declaring war on certain parts of this country. As to whether they will survive, the answer could be yes and no depending on how the two sides strategize to handle the teething problems threatening to defeat the ambitions on both sides. It is indeed a tough duel for both sides and will make or break many a political careers as the race for one of Kenya's most hotly contested election enters the home stretch.

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