A tale about the monkeys of Kabete

Have monkeys in Kabete developed affection for women?

Area MP Paul Muite (Safina) yesterday said he had witnessed monkeys gesturing towards women as they destroy their crops.

To evade the animals' new pass time habit, Mr Muite said even old women in his constituency put on trousers to scare them away.

He pleaded with Tourism and Wildlife minister Morris Dzoro to deploy game rangers in the area to deal with the animals. "Can the minister deploy game rangers in Karai location in Kabete to deal with the monkey menace? These creatures have clearly shown that they have no respect for women," he said.

Butula MP Christine Mango (Narc), wondered whether Mr Muite was insinuating that monkeys had affection for women. "Is the member for Kabete in order to insinuate that monkeys love women?" she asked.

"I have been there personally to see and now even old women are forced to put on trousers. Once the creatures see women, they point fingers to their heads and gleefully go on to eat our crops," said the Kabete MP.

Killed by crocodiles

Mr Dzoro was replying Gachoka MP Norman Nyagah (Narc) who wanted to know when the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) will demarcate Kamburu Dam.

Mr Nyagah said four of his supporters had been killed by crocodiles and should the menace persist, he was likely to lose his seat in the next General Election.

"Because there is no clear line in the dam, fishermen are eaten by crocodiles when they venture a few metres into the protected section.

''Four of my best supporters have died and if this is not stopped, I fear I might lose my seat," he said.

Mr Dzoro rejected claims that there are constant attacks by crocodiles but promised to address the demarcation issue.

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