Generation 42

Is there anyone listening

It is a portrait of a Kenyan image out of Sub-Saharan Africa. 
In a background to the rest of the world lie deep roots of tribal lines. 
Interestingly Kenya is worth of all acceptances-the heartbeat of East Africa. 
Will the Dark Continent emerge and be counted as a light in the world? 

Let all wait in awe, baited breathe and catch a glimpse. 
Culture in my homeland is a maze more or less an unsolved puzzle. 
Greenfields, outflow of crystal waters and thunderous falls. 
Speak of a dreamland and Kenya would be the fortress Eden beauty. 

In two twists of a coin, head down, that was of old. 
Days when children huddled together like a bunch of bananas. 
Under the glitter of stars in thatched huts at a fire place with heart rending stories. 
Tongues of the old symbolized respect and demanded loyalty. 
Now it’s all in a butcher’s hand. 

Bloodshed was a reason worth independence but its sad how we still lag behind. 
In our ears folksongs linger along tribal lines. 
Brush, brush and modernization tunes in, the songs fade away. 
Reiterating is a rhythm of rights and civilization.  

Majority of people labor hard all to allures of sovereign rule, government of the people for the people by the people? 
Haki yetu! Chanting alarming woes and pleas. 
Common mwanainchi - name known to a lively hood in Kenya. 
Ought to add up to something? 
Yes, literally, it’s a whipping at the back.
Deprivation and the wanainchi are rendered hopeless. 
To more that catches the eye. 
For years in bargain to attain literacy in a bid to harness education. 
All to a cheap reality of failure. 

Speak of a job well done, may be for a mad man. 
Political mileage outsourced to a down trodden society. 
In other news headlines-a deficiency of power.
Aust Museveni talk of Mugabe. 
How about Kenya? 

Heavy weights and light weights a seducing outfit for Mr. Right or Mr. Wrong.
In an arena of political satire where a job ferry with an illusion of the Cinderella ward stick. 
Zoom! Magic then reality, ‘kazi ni kazi’.
In an ideal situation frustration to elite youth .

Talk of rights to commercial sex workers...
Stop sulking as sad as it may seem Kenya has a bigger ribbon to mend. 
Enough of the loss to the HIV/Aids menace.
Liberate Kenya. 

Is there some one up to the task?
::)) Is there anyone listening!!!!

-- Filament Bruvs

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