Registration of Candidates for the 2012 KCPE and KCSE Examinations


2.1 The Kenya National Examinations Council wishes to inform all the 2012 KCPE and KCSE
candidates and examination centres that the online registration system is officially running and they are required to access the KNEC website on or to download the registration application and register.

This application is only available up to 31st March 2012, the last day of the registration period. Detailed instructions for the online registration process are contained in a user manual which can be downloaded from the same KNEC websites.

2.2 All KCPE and KCSE examination centers have been provided with a USERNAME and
PASSWORD to upload the file. The system requires the school principal or a designee (one
user per school) to send a short message system (SMS) to 6062 using the following format:
exam#school-code to 6062 e.g. KCPE#01101101 or KCSE#101101 to 6062.

2.3 Candidates are solely responsible for the accuracy of the registration data submitted to KNEC.

All examination centres MUST therefore avail the NOMINAL ROLLS for candidates’ confirmation before submitting to KNEC. Candidates are required to append their signature (not the principal or the school administration) for the accuracy of the details and in particular the following areas:

2.3.1 the candidate name and index number (for all);

2.3.2 the candidate school choices (for KCPE);

2.3.3 the candidate school photographs (for KCSE);

2.3.4 the candidate KCPE year and KCPE index number (for KCSE);

2.3.5 KCSE candidates MUST ensure they use the exact name they used in the KCPE

2.4 All KCSE candidates are required to upload their photographs which must meet the exact
stipulated specifications in the online registration guidelines. In particular the photograph MUST
be taken using a digital camera, and MUST be uploaded in batch then submitted to the Council by 28th February 2012 (the photograph upload portal will be closed after this date).

2.5 Examinations centres are advised to register as early as possible to avoid last minute rush and network congestion as was the case in 2011 registration.

2.6 Parents/guardians are obligated to confirm the registration status of their candidates including the accuracy of the information submitted to KNEC. Confirmation can be done at the KNEC Website: parents/guardians will not require username and password to login and they can only log in after the completion of the registration exercise on 31st March 2012.



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2 Responses to Registration of Candidates for the 2012 KCPE and KCSE Examinations

Jason Githeko said...

It's not yet April so I guess this is not an April Fool's Day plank. None of the KNEC websites open. Do they even exist???????????????

Anonymous said...

Photo upload has been hectic to most schools!