Is Raila about to be conned a fifth time?

It is clear for everyone to see that the grand coalition will not work. It is also clear for all to see that Kibaki and Raila do not give a damn about Kenyans. Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) will not be resettled in the near future. Kenyans will remain refugees in their own country in the Rift Valley for a long time.

As this happens, Raila will be seen to be very naive as he gets duped a fifth time.

He was duped in the 80s as he fought for the liberation of Kenya. He did not have a mandate from Kenyans to do this. He was under instructions from the one man whom he is still fighting for. Enough said.

Raila had his second round as he fought for the control of Ford Kenya party. He was trying to wrestle the mantle of leadership from Kijana Wamalwa. Pictures of him diving for cover at Thika National Stadium are vivid. He had to move out.

His third round was with the man he demonised since the 80s. Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi. It was the infamous KANU-NDP merger. He was angling for the mantle of leadership. It is documented history he was duped by the "professor of politics". He moved out.

He went to bed with Mwai Kibaki in 2002. They won the election. The 'gentleman' reneged on the famed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). Raila and team fought him passionately for five years and Kibaki completed his 5-year term without a sweat. Along the way Raila had to move out. A fourth time.

In 2008, Raila is at it again. The man believes he won an election. He loves Kenya so much. Passionately so. To the point of becoming Kenya's newest kid on the block. Kenya's cry baby. The point is, Raila is about to be duped again. Musalia Mudavadi over the weekend said that Raila has made too many concessions. It was a message to Kibaki that Raila is going no further. Mudavadi is ODM's "gentleman".

Scratch the surface of Mudavadi's utterances.Actually, you will find that message was very much directed to Raila. Captain, you are about to be conned! A fifth time!

So much so that ODM cannot trust the man to have a private meeting with Kibaki. He cannot be trusted to cut a deal for ODM. He will give up too much.

Yesterday, it was Musalia Mudavadi, William Ruto, Najib Balala, Dalmas Otieno and Charity Ngilu who had to deliver ODM's message to Kibaki. Raila may give up further but ODM has reached an irreducible minimum. Raila was nowhere to be seen. The ODM captain could not do such a simple task. Lest he gives up the foreign affairs and local government and tourism and roads and transport and energy and cabinet affairs and the premiership.

Kibaki has indicated he wants to deal with Raila. He knows the captain's soft spot. To him, Raila is easy to con. Will it be a fifth time? Will he move out?

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One Response to Is Raila about to be conned a fifth time?

Anonymous said...

Obviously a Kibaki supporter. If you can't remember how Kibaki's govt. almost collapsed forcing him to subvert the law and poach MPs'from opposition thus abusing democratic principles, then blind is an undestatement, is that running a govt. without a sweat? Everybody remembers the humiliation Kibaki's govt suffered at the hands of the Raila led opposition except you. And how was fighting for democratic space in the eighties getting conned? aren't Kenyans enjoying the fruits of that struggle in which Raila and others part took in while Kibaki and his cronies played safe enjoying the national cake as the country went to the dogs? wow, I'm still struggling to make any snese of your article