Get to roots of evil Mungiki

The mayhem caused by Mungiki (an outlawed sect), only hours after the hitherto much awaited announcement of the grand Cabinet, was bewildering.

As the rest of Kenya celebrated the hope for peace, heralded by the formation of the coalition government on Monday, Mungiki adherents were out on the streets visiting terror on Kenyans in parts of the Rift Valley, Central Province and Nairobi. What an undesirable anticlimax!

I am convinced the young men and women involved in burning business premises and vehicles, wanted to spite the establishment and send the message that, to them, it was business as usual.

It is time we abandoned lame hypotheses on the essence and soul of Mungiki.

The Government must deploy resources to decode the driving force that informs the work of evil of the Mungiki sect.

Every effort must be made to map the source of their nihilistic psychology and proclivities.


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