Njenga Karume, former defence minister speaks out for Mungiki

Interesting times these are.

Circus 1

Njenga Karume, the former defence minister and former MP for Kiambaa held a press briefing where he decried the government for harassment of the Mungiki sect members. Njenga and a group calling itself the Kikuyu Council of Elders called on the government to release Maina Njenga on bail so that he can organise to meet Prime Minister Raila Odinga as the prime minister had requested. He was accompanied by several former Mt Kenya legislators who included Joseph Kamotho.

Circus 2

In other news, former VP Moody Awori has declined to chair the committee appointed by current VP Kalonzo Musyoka to look into the grievances raised by striking prison warders, Awori said that there is no need of wasting time since all the issues raised are contained in a recommendation report that he drafted when he was VP and Minister for Home Affairs. He wondered why the government has taken so long to implement the recommendations.

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