Enigmatic Raila: Kenya's Second Prime Minister

Watching Raila being sworn in yesterday and his celebration party at the Intercontinental Hotel last night makes me wonder: Was the prime minister position a means to an end or the end itself? He said his being sworn in marked the end of the ruling class. He forgot he has joined the ruling class. His celebration party was attended by the ruling class.

What was that about "His Excellency President Mwai Kibaki, the President of the Republic of Kenya"? I thought the era of "His Excellency" ended five years ago?

He offered to negotiate with the outlawed Mungiki sect calling them "ndugu zetu". He should remember he is the government not an activist. Since when did the government negotiate with an outlawed criminal sect?

The government did not negotiate with the Sabaot Land Defence Force to end the mt Elgon clashes.

The government negotiated with ODM, whose followers had caused mayhem all over the country.

When former Defence Minister Njenga Karume offered to negotiate with Mungiki, he was met with a lot of scornful and hateful remarks.

The Mungiki responded to Raila's call and said they will stop their protests and were happy because the man they voted for has been sworn in. Are we seeing a new world order in Kenya? Does Raila know what he is getting into?

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