Kibaki and Raila have refused to listen to the voice of the people

I do not believe at all the new Cabinet has anything in it for Kenyans.
It is about politics and the Kibaki succession in 2012. If it took this long to come up with such an irrelevant and bloated Cabinet, how long will it take to reform the Constitution?

Expect politicians to distort even the indisputable. It is a Cabinet of shame, impossible to identify with; full of deviousness as it is wasteful.

One wonders why we are scared of a elections when Italians have had 65 since 1945 — 1.03 every year. We have had only 10 since 1963; one in every five years.

Remember President Mugabe learnt from Kenya, only to beat Kibaki 10-0.
Instead of taking oath of office in a hurry, Mugabe is choreographing a slow motion rigging for a slow motion swearing in.

He has rendered the electoral commission incommunicado until he decides when to plug it in, orders vote recount before the results are known, declares political rallies illegal and tells the rest of the world leaders they are irrelevant commas and dots in the world of Mugabe’s unstoppable tyranny.

And we keep on wondering what ails Africa? What’s next for Africa?

Cologne, Germany

President Kibaki and Prime Minister Odinga, thank you for letting every Kenyan down.
By naming your Cabinet of 42 members, you have gone against the wishes of nearly every right-minded Kenyan. With inflation now sky high, how can the country afford such a Cabinet and their deputies?

Most of the new Cabinet posts are a joke. What is next... Minister for Nakuru, Minister for Matatus?
You will get our opinions on what you have done to our country at the next General Election.


The Cabinet has finally been named and the question is: Who is on the safe side now?

Obviously, our MPs who secured themselves ministerial seats plus their assistants might call it a victory and will obviously fall on the safer side.

Well, the two principals did their best to ensure that Kenyans suffer by paying for a bloated Cabinet. This is a country where the people’s voices are ignored whenever decisions have to be made.

It is not only during a referendum that politicians should involve the people, but also take them on board whenever tax issues are concerned.

Kenyans have now had a physical sigh of relief, but dire economic burden. This is not the change Kenyans anticipated as per the campaign promises by our leaders.


I am disappointed that Mr Ababu Namwamba and Sheikh Mohamed Dor were not even considered for even assistant minister slots.

The two, among a few others in our party ODM, express and stand for the popular political opinion many youths and independent thinkers in Kenya stand for.


The Cabinet named on Sunday, though bloated, is timely and welcome.
It is timely because it comes at a time when Kenyans need to bury their political and ethnic differences with a view to rebuilding a strong and united nation, based on equality, liberty and fraternity.

Time is now for the entire Cabinet to visit to the victims of post-election chaos and chart the way forward for their resettlement.

The Cabinet is equally welcome because a united Kenya commences from above, and will mean a strong socio-economic society.

It is the grand hope of all Kenyans that the satisfied and dissatisfied over the Cabinet portfolios, keep mum in the interest of a united Kenya.


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