Minister’s claim is unfounded

It is absurd for Foreign Minister, Moses Wetang’ula, to tell Kenyans that 90 per cent of ministers’ salary originates from Parliament, and 10 per from the Government.

Such a statement raises some fundamental questions:

Does Parliament have a special source of generating its income, other than the Treasury?

Does Parliament sell sukuma wiki (kales), for instance, to generate income?

Did the minister take into account, that other than their own salaries and allowances, there are personal assistants, secretaries, security detail - name it, in any single ministry?

Mr Wetang’ula has forgotten that his ministry has an assistant minister, who has a secretary, security and other support staff.

The minister will have a permanent secretary, who will also have a secretary and other support staff.

Each minister requires not less that one car and many other privileges that not many Kenyans enjoy.

Mr Wetang’ula should try other tricks to justify the bloated Cabinet; and by the way, is it not the work of the Government spokesperson to be issuing such statements?


Mr Kiraitu Murungi, the Energy minister, by his own admission, has been feeling lonely in the Cabinet.
He is the only Meru Cabinet minister.

He does not huddle together with others if those surrounding him happen not to be fellow Meru tribesmen. Each of us has his or her own idiosyncrasies.

But, thanks to technology, Mr Murungi need not worry. He should make it a habit of going to the Cabinet room carrying an electric heater, which he will keep close to his legs, as he gives his colleagues a wide berth.


Who will save poor Kenyans from the greed of politicians?

Look at the lot that was not named in the Cabinet, they are bitter and giving all excuses as to why they should have been invited to the high table!


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