Polls inquiry a waste of time

ll Kenyans, young and old, are aware of the events unfolding in this country at this moment and their cause.

Therefore, setting up a commission to find out what happened in the December 2007 elections is like re-opening old wounds. It would not alter anything.

The time and resources should be used in resettling those displaced by the post-election violence who are living in refugee camps.

Mediated talks that were led by Mr Kofi Annan gave birth to a yet-to-be fully-formed coalition government. The expectation of most Kenyans now is to see how this government will be set up to get the country back on the economic recovery track.

As things stand now, we know Mwai Kibaki is the President, Kalonzo Musyoka is the Vice-President while ODM leader Raila Odinga is to be the Prime Minister in the coalition government.

What will the inquiry’s findings alter in this arrangement? Past events must be forgotten and whoever led the country into these problems should publicly seek forgiveness. These include ECK chairman Samuel Kivuitu, seen as the main letdown in last year’s elections.

Laban Lekishon,

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